Saturday, September 19, 2009

September 12, 2009 was indeed an important day for me. India Since Independence: Making Sense of Indian Politics was launched that day. I had begun working on this sometimes in June 2004 and completed the draft in late 2007. The book was thought about as I began teaching at the ACJ (in October 2000); and it was launched from the lecture hall of ACJ that day.

I could not have had a better person to release the book than Professor Prabhat Patnaik. His classes in the CESP at JNU were from where I learnt a lot. Well. I did not study economics; but used to sit through his lectures. And from there I fell in love with Prabhat. I wish I become a teacher like him some day!!!!!

Sashikumar was there to steer through the function. Well. The book would not have happened but for the opportunity he gave me to offer an elective programme at the ACJ. I had pompously titled the course as ``Making Sense of Politics’’.

Aditya Sinha was there. He described the book as a second draft of history and prodded me to write the next book on V.P.Singh. He did surprise me with his review of the book though.

My parents to whom I owe a lot came for the occasion. It made the day very special to me. And Chinku gifted me a coffee mug: He spoke his mind through that. And Santha was in her elements.

It was so gratifying to have Karthik and Tushar from Hyderabad, Cheri and Shyam from Delhi, Saurav, Dipanjan and Amit from Bangalore, Jiby from Calicut. And also to find Vidya Venkat and Nalini Ravichandran reporting on the function for their papers. Subbu and Niranjana too made it. A teacher cannot ask for more.

And a large number of friends and well wishers, some of whom I had not remembered to invite, did turn up to make the occasion special for me.

Prabhat’s lecture on ``The Public and the Private’’ was too good as it is always.

Pearson Longman made the occasion happen.


Blogger Narayanan said...

I was honoured to be a part of the crowd! The function was very well organized and Shri. Prabhat Patnaik's lecture was awesome - though I personally don't subscribe fully to his views.

I have not finished reading the book yet - have come upto the JP movement stage. It is well written, though you have been judgmental in some places (I guess it is hard to avoid being judgmental with such a topic!)

There are some printing mistakes - which the publisher should correct before the 2nd edition - which I am sure has to happen.

When is the book on VP getting started?

2:33 AM  
Blogger V. Krishna Ananth said...

Dear KGN,
Thanks. I shall keep your points in mind when the book is done again. Will be great if you mark all those in your copy and I shall take it from you.

6:51 AM  
Blogger Shyam said...

sir what about the VP Singh book?

9:20 PM  
Blogger V. Krishna Ananth said...

V.P.Singh, I do agree deserves another biography (apart from the two there already). But then, you have to tell me about this book first. BTW, remember the states in the north-east and their capitals!!!!

8:33 PM  
Blogger Mayan Buddha said...

It was an honour to be there sir,...and once again, i fervently hope the paperback edition of the book is out soon!!!!

4:52 AM  

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