Saturday, November 01, 2008

Here is a poem... I did not write it... But found it interesting

Oh god!!!!!!!
If at all u r there!
Tell me why,
I am me?
Is it because, I was the chosen one
As said in d bible?
Or is it because I had committed any sin?

Tell me why,
I am like a light house?
With no one to play with,
And no one to care.
Is it because, I never dance
To d tune they play?
Or is it because, I am what I am?

Tell me why,
I am so stupid?
Trusting and helping everyone,
Though I know I am
Gonna end up like Caesar………..
And then everyone would say,
“Poor fellow, he was very good”

And even now
I feel so stupid,
As I am asking all these
To someone who/which
Is not scientifically proven!!!
And the only thing I think I can trust is
Me, me and only me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wondering what interested you in this poem! You can provide the name of poet at the end. The poet should be a soul in a dilemma. Did that dilemma also reflect you?

2:52 AM  
Blogger V. Krishna Ananth said...

who are you to poke? am sure a professional revolutionary will have better things to do.

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Countering pseudo-Marxists is a central role of a revolutionary Mr. Krishna. A person with a grounding in Marxist literature will not refute this fact. Isn't? So here we go. Our task as revolutionaries is to unmask your pseudo-Marxist posture in this blog!! We kindly request you to change the blog title to PERMANENT PEACE. Do not distort Trotsky or Gandhi. You can openly say that you are serving the interest of corporate class in India and work for the public cause.

7:49 AM  
Anonymous Karthik RM said...

Sir!!! I know whose poem this is!!!

11:33 AM  

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