Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Was at the Island Grounds (in Chennai) this evening to have a feel of the DMK-Congress public meeting. Sonia and Karunanidhi addressing a gathering of about 30 to 50 thousand. The CPM was not represented on the dias... why???? Don't see any political significance to it.

Sonia was as usual... except that I noticed that she has learnt to modulate while reading out from the script... When she said Sidha, I heard it to be Sita... and wondered whether she was going to recal Ramayana like her husband did!!!!! Not just me. Cherry, shreya, Abdus, Nandu and Poornalingam too heard it Sita!!!!!

She said that the State Government cannot claim credit for any welfare schmes because 90% of the funds came from the UPA's centre!!!! And karunanidhi, whose DMK first raised the issue of federal/autonomy did not mind!!!! His speech was laced with interesting verbose ... and a heavy dose of personalised attacks on jayalalitha... well... wait until May 11. The State and its people have to chose between the rock and the hard surface...


Blogger Ashish Thakare said...

Hi Sir,
Welcome to 'Blog Pradesh'. I doubt if Sonia Gandhi's rally in Chennai will have any impact on the elections here.
Will keep on reading your blog.
Also, do I have your permission to add your blog to my blog roll.
Ashish Thakare

7:35 AM  
Blogger V. Krishna Ananth said...

yes ashish. u can do whatever u feel like.

7:43 PM  

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